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Compliance Data Management Done Right to Avoid Penalties

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Engineered, Efficient Solutions to Achieve Mitigation Compliance

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Detailed Audit Trail Supported by Robust Reports

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Solving Community Concerns, from Noise Pollution to Sediment Control

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Covid-19 Policy

Learn more about TruHorizon’s response to COVID-19 and our commitment to providing a safe working environment in this letter from our CEO.

TruHorizon is an environmental services and compliance management company that supports North American energy, construction, and industrial markets with full service, turnkey solutions.

Noise Control walls

Noise Control

Our sound control services include noise walls, sound barriers and other sound mitigation products, like permanent sound walls.

Erosion control

Erosion & Sediment Control

Our erosion control and stormwater management bring best-in-class environmental compliance to your worksite.

Compliance Management

As an environmental solutions company, we help ensure compliance management with our environmental and regulatory data application.

Environmental Services

With our engineered approach, environmental products, and technical expertise, we ensure that you achieve compliance with the minimum investment necessary. Whether you’re searching for sound mitigation, erosion control, stormwater management or environmental compliance, TruHorizon has you covered.

TruHorizon offers environmental services for noise control, erosion and sediment control and compliance management across the nation. Backed by technology-based assessments, our consultative experts can tailor environmental solutions to be cost-effective while ensuring compliance.

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Why TruHorizon

Environmental Sound Control Products

Why Choose Our Environmental Solutions Company

With TruHorizon, you can count on turnkey solutions and single source accountability from one environmental compliance company. We partner with our clients to determine the most affordable solutions for environmental services and compliance. Additionally, we’re the only environmental solutions company that can offer monitoring, tracking and inspection services.

Energy Services For Your Industry

TruHorizon offers environmental solutions in Houston and beyond. With four strategically located facilities, we can bring sound control products and environmental services to your site anywhere in the U.S. Our services and environmental expertise are best suited for companies in the oilfield, construction or industrial market. Find the closest TruHorizon location near you.

Environmental Resources

Are you searching for noise walls, sound barriers or temporary noise walls? TruHorizon offers a wide range of sound control products, as well as erosion control products and environmental inspections. Explore our resources for product literature and data sheets for our environmental products.

Environmental Sound Control Team

Environmental Services Careers

Are you interested in joining our environmental company? We’re always searching for passionate people who thrive in solving environmental challenges and keeping our communities safe. See our job openings on our environmental careers page. See how TruHorizon employees advance their careers by reading our employee spotlights.

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