Permanent Buildings and Sound Enclosures

TruHorizon will always recommend a solution that mitigates the minimum required to achieve compliance. Our front-end assessments result in the high value, cost-effective option.

Noise Control Products
Noise Control Products

Highest Rated Products and Technical Expertise:

  • Custom designed enclosures to house single and multiple compressors and/or production equipment.
  • Tough I-beam construction with concrete piers.
  • R-Panel exterior with trim and interior can be insulated with acoustic absorption medium.
  • Flexible design allows for custom layout of specialty and standard man doors/emergency exit doors.
  • Addresses multiple environmental concerns including acoustical, winterization, privacy and other requirements.
  • STC value > 40 NRC > 0.90
  • Noise Attenuation > 20+ dB
  • Available in multiple color options.

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