Environmental Noise Control Products

TruHorizon’s noise control products range from industrial sound barriers to permanent buildings and enclosures. Our noise control solutions are top-rated and designed to help you ensure compliance with the minimum sound mitigation required.

Explore sound control offering below, or discover our approach to environmental compliance and noise mitigation plans here.

Noise Control Products

Whether searching for temporary noise control products or a permanent solution, sound barriers and noise control walls are ideal. These sound barriers are modular, ensuring flexibility and repeated use if site-layout changes. With robust, durable construction, sound walls are built for repeated use in industrial operations.


TH-101 Whisper Wall Temporary Sound Barriers

Unlike other noise mitigation products, this Whisper Wall sound barrier is designed as a temporary noise mitigation solution.


TH-SP Whisper Wall Sound Barriers

This permanent sound barrier system is constructed with PVC exterior with trim, acoustic absorption medium and perforated PVC interior.


TH-2P Whisper Wall Sound Barriers

This sound barrier is the industry standard permanent wall system, but is fully customizable, based on your site’s specific needs.


TH-8P Whisper Wall Sound Barriers

The TH-8P sound barrier is our custom, premium sound barrier. These custom barriers support sound mitigation for any situation, including various heights, lengths and layouts.


Permanent Buildings & Sound Enclosures

Our permanent noise control enclosures address a range of environmental concerns, from noise and vibration to winterization and privacy requirements.


Noise Mitigation Plans

If you’re not sure where to start, consider a noise mitigation plan. Our Consulting team has decades of experience in acoustics, vibration, environmental engineering and consulting for a wide range of industries, from industrial construction to aircraft and transportation industries.


Landfill Services

TruHorizon offers environmental monitoring solutions to landfill operators and customers to demonstrate compliance and respond to any anomalies.


Fencing Services

TruHorizon offers fencing solutions to oil and gas, construction, public works, power plants, and residential customers.

Construction Services

TruHorizon offers a comprehensive solution to mitigate, inspect and remediate environmental issues associated with erosion, sediment and storm water concerns. We are a sole-source provider of new construction installation, inspection, repair and maintenance and removal of erosion, sediment and storm water control systems.

Environmental Field Services

TruHorizon employees are trained on the principles and practices of erosion and sediment control, pollution prevention during all phases of construction, and proper reporting and documentation required for state and federal regulatory compliance.

Noise, Light and Access Control

We take a comprehensive view to find the most cost effective solution, while achieving regulatory compliance. Our project and installation expertise transcends industries — with the experience, capabilities and crews that you expect.

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