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TruHorizon is the only environmental services provider with an integrated offering of noise control, erosion and sediment control and compliance data management solutions.

It’s this combination of industry experience, engineered solutions and technical expertise that makes us a superior environmental solutions and compliance partner. We are intent on applying our proprietary processes and regulation knowledge to serve a broad range of industries, so they can benefit from our compliance best practices. Explore our environmental product and service offering in our resource center.

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Oilfield Compliance Management

With deep experience servicing the oilfield industry, TruHorizon offers best-in-class noise control, erosion and sediment control and compliance data management services.

By utilizing our proprietary M3 Noise Solution™, we are able to help customers achieve oilfield compliance with the minimum mitigation required, so they are confident they have met noise regulations with the most affordable solution available.

TruHorizon crews are highly skilled employees who are trained and adhere to oilfield safety best practices.

By applying a strict attention to detail, the best service teams, and our 3rd party certified, highest rated, field-proven noise suppression products, we ensure our oilfield compliance solutions are clean, crisp and professional in appearance.

Construction Compliance Management

As a General Contractor, TruHorizon is unique in that it offers the construction industry a turnkey, integrated solution for noise control, erosion and sediment control and compliance data management.

These construction compliance solutions require minimal investments to achieve compliance in a variety of applications, from bridge work and land development to Government projects, roadways and repairs.

We bring our extensive experience in the rigorously regulated energy industry to construction customers so they can be confident in their construction compliance.

This confidence is invaluable, and is further supported by our superior safety record, a safety-first culture and our continual advances in environmental safety regulations and certifications.

Environmental Sound Walls

Industrial Compliance Management

For the industrial compliance market, TruHorizon offers noise mitigation services for manufacturing facilities adjacent to developing urban or suburban areas.

By integrating engineering services with sound studies, we are able to create the most efficient, effective noise solution, tailored to meet customers’ industrial compliance needs.

This turnkey approach also helps to avoid coordinating with multiple vendors and the associated inefficiencies — saving time, money and valuable resources.

With TruHorizon, all your safety, regulatory and industrial compliance requirements are covered by our superior safety record and certifications.

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