Noise Control Solution

Noise control services are crucial for reducing noise pollution – especially in the oilfield. While noise control methods may vary, TruHorizon has designed a sound solution that prevents noise pollution in your operating areas.

Our M3 Noise Control Solution™ process identifies noise pollution problems before they occur. Then, our noise control experts design a cost-effective solution for the prevention of noise pollution. Download noise control product information in our resource center.

M3 Noise Control Solution™

The M3 Noise Control solution is designed specifically for oilfield, construction and industrial compliance. And while this approach to environmental noise control is proprietary, the process is straightforward.

We control environmental noise in three stages: measure, model and mitigate.

  • Measure: Ambient noise levels are recorded prior to site construction.
  • Model: Predictive sound models are built using rig and equipment sound signatures before the wellsite is built or equipment is deployed. This sound model optimizes site and equipment layout for the prevention of noise pollution.
  • Mitigate: If needed, noise control technologies are designed and implemented. These noise control methods vary, but noise pollution is often suppressed without temporary sound barriers.

See How We Solve Noise Complaints. Download our Noise Control Case Study.

noise monitoring in the field

M3 Noise Control: Measure

Here, TruHorizon helps you be a good neighbor by first measuring the potential for noise pollution. our noise control engineering solutions that mitigate noise from a level of agitation to a level of comfort.

This assessment phase of our noise control solution includes a 72-hour ambient survey, a 72-hour baseline survey, long-term continuous noise monitoring. Ultimately, this yields a sound signature report with full spectrum octave band sound analysis.

But before any noise control solutions are designed, sound engineers use field noise data acquisition platforms to conduct an ambient sound survey to:

  • Accurately map noise pollution around your worksite
  • Identify visual impacts in problematic areas
  • Perform a frequency analysis
  • Leverage advanced sound logging, which is a profiling of equipment
  • Perform real-time sound recording
Environmental Sound Control Map

M3 Noise Control: Model

In the modeling stage of our noise control solution, sound engineers use state-of –the-art 3D noise predictive software to:

  • Calculate and assess planned operations for permit purposes
  • Prepare a plan of action for problematic noise pollution areas
  • Design the most cost-effective solution to mitigate noise pollution
  • Determine optimal suppression technologies to implement. Often, noise pollution can be suppressed without temporary sound barriers
  • Predict impact of environmental noise and minimize risk
  • Determine if temporary or permanent sound barriers are required
  • Determine if standard or premium sound walls are required
  • Design modular compressor enclosures

M3 Noise Control: Mitigate

During the mitigation stage of our noise control solution, we implement any sound control products that are needed. In our experience, only one out of four worksites require noise walls or sound barriers to suppress noise pollution.

  • Monitor operations that near private or public structures to mitigate sound and prevent complaints
  • Ensure your operations are legally compliant and forestall civil actions and lawsuits

Bottom line – you can count on TruHorizion’s acoustical consulting and sound control services. Our noise surveying and implementation teams ensure a quiet neighborhood stays that way.

Sound Impact Assessment for Future Sound Control

The M3 Noise Solution includes a Sound Impact Assessment that defines site and equipment layout parameters, including:

  • Well and meter locations
  • Ambient noise levels
  • Predictive sound models
  • Equipment sound signatures
  • Before-and-after noise mitigation plots
  • Noise control recommendations
  • Site photos
  • Noise time series plots

Noise Control Services After Mitigation

Drilling, completion or compressor noise greater than 55 dB may cause a level of agitation, particularly noise that affects residence, commercial or municipal properties. That’s why we use Oilfield Noise Mitigation™ products and services to lower noise from a “level of agitation” to a “level of comfort.” The goal: ensure you never receive a noise complaint and that you remain compliant.
  • Install premium sound barrier walls, certified by third-party accredited laboratories, to mitigate noise and keep operations out of sight
  • Certified modular compressor enclosures are engineered to suppress noise and acoustic signature of industrial equipment
Noise control is a science. If you want to learn more about our M3 Noise Solution or other noise control services, contact TruHorizon.

Noise Control Resources: Data Sheets & Product Information

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