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airport noise monitoring services

TruHorizon is excited to announce its support of noise monitoring activities for international and regional airport clients across the United States. Aircraft and airport noise are complex subject matters which have been studied for decades and are still the focus of many research efforts today.1 As the global economy continues to expand and international relationships are forged, air travel and increased capacity at existing airports is not only inevitable but a necessity. The ability to monitor noise levels in real time, identify problematic aircraft, accurately address complaints, and maintain community relations are critical for both airport authorities and impacted residents.

The increase of air traffic and associated ambient noise levels in nearby communities can create barriers to airport expansion. Urban density further amplifies the number of people impacted by aircraft noise and increased air traffic with most international airports being in populated areas. Reducing the overall noise levels of an aircraft operations is undertaken during new product design by aerospace manufacturers in addition to airline operators phasing out the operation of older, louder aircraft in their fleet. The FAA published the next generation noise standards, known as the Stage 5 Airplane Noise Standard, which requires a reduction in noise levels for all new aircraft delivered starting in January 2021. While the operation of lower noise aircraft will reduce ambient noise levels, other low noise operations can be undertaken to ensure that aircraft are operating in a manner which minimizes the number of impacted residents. Absent further advances in noise reduction technologies and fleet evolution, the remaining problem must be addressed primarily through operational procedures and airport-specific noise compatibility programs.1

TruHorizon is a leader in long term, continuous noise monitoring for compliance, noise source identification, and regulatory reporting. The expansion of services to include airport and aircraft noise monitoring is a natural progression for the engineering services offered by TruHorizon and demonstrates confidence in our capabilities. With over a decade experience in continuous noise monitoring project and 35+ years of archived continuous noise data, TruHorizon is a proven partner for long term monitoring solutions in all market spaces.

1 Federal Aviation Administration – Aircraft Noise Issues; January 9, 2018