TruHorizon Employee Spotlight: Darlene Lunceford

Darlene Lunceford, Accounts Payable/Purchasing – TruHorizon Corporate

TruHorizon Corporate is where all the ‘behind the scenes’ action happens. While some days are full of pushing papers and managing spreadsheets ‐ a lot goes on here that is hard to capture. And a lot of what happens here could not happen without the hard work of our very own, Darlene Lunceford.

“Darlene has been with TruHorizon for 6+ years and while her job description has varied over this time, but her impact is deeply felt by those throughout company. Her reach is great, and she is a beacon of knowledge and help for everyone! “Darlene is by far the most patient person I have ever worked with. She is always willing to help. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will work tirelessly to help find the correct one. Darlene wears A LOT of hats and wears them with more pride than most.” ‐ Terrie Brinkmeier, Rocky Mountain Region.

Darlene’s passion and work ethic are what truly makes her such a wonderful asset and her diligence to doing things the right way is motivating!

“Since coming to TruHorizon in December of 2015, Darlene has been one of my biggest assets for being able to be successful. I was promoted to operations manager after about 6 months of working here and since then I have relied heavily on her to help me be able to do my job on a day to day basis. Whether it has to do with updating and maintaining the fleet of trucks we have, ordering materials for jobs that we have going on, accounts payable or receivable, she is always the first to ask how she can help and then makes it happen so that we have very minimal delays, if any. She does all of this for 3 different regions which is pretty incredible when you realize how much business we do on a week to week basis.” ‐ Wes Wahlert, Operations Manager Rocky Mountain Region.

Outside of work Darlene is just as hard working and wonderful! Darlene is a proud Texan, from Star, TX. She lives in Weatherford with her son and mother, spending her free time making furniture and watching her son, Preston, play baseball. Currently, Preston is in his Junior year of high school and excelling at baseball which keeps Darlene exceptionally busy. Traveling throughout Texas and outlying areas for games and camps is a source of fun and excitement for them both! They enjoy traveling and spending time together. Darlene is also an avid volunteer in the Weatherford Community!

“Beyond her incredible work ethic, she is an amazing person which is her best quality I believe. She volunteers her time to do community events for the company and checks in with me often to just see how my life outside of work is going. There are a lot of people in this world that can be taught how to do a job and they can be successful at it, but when someone like Darlene comes along with a big heart and cares about others success as much as her own that is when you have found a star for your organization. There is no amount of praise that would effectively show how grateful I am for Darlene being a part of this company. So, I guess the best thing I can say is 100x Thank you for all that you do for us.” ‐ Wes Wahlert.

On behalf of everyone, a well‐deserved THANK YOU to Darlene for all her hard work!