TruHorizon Employee Spotlight: Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark - DugEast1

Andrew Clark, Sales – TruHorizon Northeast

TruHorizon Northeast serves a most diverse territory. This region faces unique challenges with topography, from the way we deal with noise mitigation to environmental issues, which means our team faces many different circumstances and obstacles. A lot of growth and change within the company has come about over the years in order to best serve the needs of our clients and their communities. With that change, a continued source of strength and stability for our clients has been our sales team, namely Andrew Clark.

Andrew graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in Business Management.  And after about three and a half years of working with TruHorizon remotely, his wife and two young boys have recently relocated to the Pittsburgh area to be closer to the office and clients, speaking volumes of his dedication.

Andrew is going on four years with TruHorizon and his impact has resonated with those in and outside of the company. “Andrew is the clearest and most concise salesman that I get to work with. Proposed jobs are delivered with all relevant information, packaged neatly. Andrew offers extra effort to ensure that the job transitions smoothly from proposal to execution,” said Greg Smee, our Northeast Engineer. “Andrew is a strong link in the TruHorizon Northeast team. His skills and organization can be felt company-wide.”

Bill Buggey, our Operations Manager to the Northeast team, says “Andrew offers to help in the field all the time — anything he needs to do to service his accounts. He is such a team player. And by relocating his family and volunteering outside of his department he demonstrates how passionate he is about his job and this company.”

Andrew’s passion for TruHorizon and the work we do is one of the many things that make him such a wonderful asset to the region and our industry. His enthusiasm also extends to an interesting and unique hobby… RACING!

Outside of work Andrew enjoys racing motorcycles. This might sound unremarkable until you learn the type of racing he competes in requires participants drive nails and screws through the interior of their tires to grip the frozen lakes they ride on! He’s been riding/racing motorcycles for most of his life and though he’s taken a bit of a retirement from the two-wheel racing he has GREAT stories and lots of knowledge. The most recent racing was with the Speedway motorcycle.  Andrew described the Speedway to us, “These bikes have a 500cc engine that runs on methanol, go 0-60 MPH in three seconds and have NO BRAKES. In the winter we ride on the ice and the fastest way to get around the corner is on the gas and sideways!“

Such a daredevil!

Currently, Andrew and his brother Matt work with four wheels instead of two. Matt races Formula Vees in both the US and Canada and Andrew helps with the car and race preparation. He is also an integral part of the social media team for the Formula Vee Challenge Cup Series. He live-streams the races, does commentary and occasionally gets to run the car himself!

It’s clear to see that at work and at play, Andrew is an enthusiastic and versatile teammate that is invaluable to us here at TruHorizon.