TruHorizon October Employee Spotlight: Will Scoumis

Will Scoumis NE Oct '17

This month’s Northeast Region Employee Spotlight is on Will Scoumis.  Will is a key member of our Safety department team in the northeast region.  Please join us in getting to know more about Will.

Northeast Region – October Employee Spotlight:  Will Scoumis

 Interviewed by Bill Buggey

How did you first learn about TruHorizon?

My mother is an inside sales rep for Master Halco. Which is the company Truhorizon buys fencing materials from. She asked them if they were hiring and passed along my resume.

What do you like most about TruHorizon?

I would have to say the diversity of the company. In this region we handle all sorts of services. Each day is different. The days are never repetitive. Plus, I enjoy working with everyone.

What is your role at TruHorizon?

I am the HSE/Asset Coordinator. I work within operations handling all the safety policy and procedures for our region. I also implement trainings when needed and help train new employees.

What is the best vacation you’ve had?

One of my favorite vacations was when I visited Boston, MA. I attended two baseball games in which both games featured the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

One thing that might surprise you is that I am a huge gamer and like to sit in my basement and play video games while listening to music.

What is your favorite sport?

For the most part, I enjoy all sports. However, my favorite is Baseball.