Noise Control

TruHorizon will always recommend a solution that provides the minimum mitigation required to achieve compliance. Our proactive assessments result in the highest value and most cost-effective option. Typically, other noise control providers want to construct a sound wall around your entire site, selling you more products and more implementation than necessary to achieve compliance. Our proprietary M3 Noise Solution™ is different and ensures your compliance with the minimum mitigation required.

The TruHorizon M3 Noise Solution™

The M3 Noise Solution™ is comprised of a proprietary assessment process, custom solution design, premium and industry standard products, skilled execution and monitoring and inspection services. Its three key components are: measure, model and mitigate.



TruHorizon’s measurement suite is the first step in identifying the minimum mitigation required to achieve compliance. This assessment phase includes a 72-hour ambient survey, a 72-hour baseline survey, long-term continuous monitoring and the development of a sound signature report with full spectrum octave band sound analysis.



Next, a Sound Impact Assessment™ (SIA) is a CAD-based 3D sound model created to predicatively assess your work site’s noise mitigation needs. Topography and satellite imagery are gathered. Then, use of contour lines and equipment sound data enable the production of accurately calculated predictions of noise levels from nearby operations. These insights inform the design of a superior, cost-efficient mitigation plan.



Only the mitigation required to achieve compliance is recommended. In most cases, mitigation is only needed for the loudest equipment and not the entire work site. TruHorizon offers both permanent and temporary mitigation. We carry the highest quality, 3rd party certified, field-proven noise suppression technology, as well as an industry standard option. Our skilled execution ensures your work site will have a clean, professional appearance that achieves compliance.